Healthy recommendations for Eid al-Fitr

During Ramadan, since we eat fewer times a day, our metabolism slows down. As we switch back to our usual eating habits after Ramadan, we step into the festive holiday time, with its tempting array of calorie-packed sweets, chocolates, and sugary treats. Not getting our eating routine right during Eid al-Fitr can mean putting on weight quickly, feeling uneasy in the tummy, and experiencing sudden spikes in blood sugar. So, it's good to keep an eye on the treats we're offered during holiday visits, not go overboard, and aim for a well-rounded and sensible diet.

You can think of Eid as a transitional period back to your pre-Ramadan eating routine. Start the first day with light eating and gradually increase your consumption compared to the first day, ultimately transitioning to your normal eating routine by the third day.

Let's take a look at some beneficial suggestions starting from the first day of the holiday:

1) Have a Light Eid Breakfast

Eid morning breakfasts are always enjoyable. Instead of indulging in pide that we've enjoyed during Ramadan, opt for whole-grain bread. Begin the day with a light and healthy breakfast.

2) Reduce portions during visits

Holiday visits are all about enjoying some treats. To keep from overdoing it, try taking a taste of the treats instead of having full servings. If you're making the rounds to a few places, keep an eye on how many sweets you're having and how much tea or coffee you're sipping.

3) Increase water consumption

Since we drink less water during Ramadan, it's a good idea to make up for it by having around 2 to 2.5 liters of fluids every day. And after enjoying those holiday treats, grab two glasses of water to help keep your fluid levels up and your metabolism rolling.

4) Exercise

After Ramadan, it's a great idea to bump up your physical activity again since you might have taken a bit of a break during the fasting month. Instead of elevators, try using stairs during visits, and maybe walk for short distances instead of hopping in the car. These steps can aid digestion and get you moving more. And after the holiday, aim for about 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least 5 days a week.