FAQs - Online Ingredient Ordering with Cookidoo®

Available in the UK only.

Q. How do I order ingredients online through Cookidoo®?
A. Firstly, you must add the recipes to your shopping list and then view the list either in My week on the web or by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the mobile app. Select Order ingredients from the options menu at the top right of the shopping list.

Q. How many recipes can I add to my shopping list?
A. To use the manual shopping list there is no limit, but if you want to order ingredients online there is a limit of about 100 items or 10 recipes.

Q. Is my personal data shared with any other companies or websites?
A. No personal data is shared. Only the shopping list details that are required to fill the retailer's shopping cart are shared with the retailer. Any data you enter on the retailer’s website is covered by their own privacy policy.

Q. How are the products selected?
A. The product suggested will be the closest weight or volume to the required ingredient (to reduce waste). If there are multiple product options, the product suggested will be a popular midrange product.

Q. Is there a minimum order amount?
A. In most cases there is a minimum order amount and an order amount where your delivery could be free. Please check the retailer’s website for all details about orders, payments and deliveries.

Q. What if I can’t find the product I want, or that is specified in the recipe?
A. Unfortunately availability of products is specific to the retailer so you might need to check different retailers available in your area or look in Tips and tricks on the recipe detail page to see if there are alternative ingredients you could use.

Q. The system suggested a wrong ingredient for the recipe I want to cook, and I purchased it. Can I get a refund?
A. All product matches are a suggestion only. It is up to you to check that all products are fit for purpose, as you would in the supermarket. Please check the returns policy of the supermarket as you may be able to swap or get a refund.

Q. What if I don’t have an account with one of the offered retailers?
A. In most cases it is freely available to anyone to create a new account. Check details on the retailer’s website.

Q. My order didn’t arrive or was damaged. Who do I call?
A. Please check the details on your chosen retailer’s website or call their customer service line directly.

Q. The retailer I usually buy my food from isn’t an option in your list. Will you be adding more retailers in the future?
A. We select our partners based on their ability to operate efficiently online as well as based on their geographic coverage. We are always looking to add new retailers to our list and will let you know whenever a new partner is available.
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