The perfect eggs for everyone

Everyone has their own views when it comes to the perfect egg! With Egg Boiler mode, your TM6 will take care of cooking eggs to everyone’s ideal consistency. Choose one of five settings, and don’t worry about having to pick a specific time. Your TM6 will let you know when your perfect eggs are ready, then all you need to do is remove the eggs from the mixing bowl and enjoy! Read on to find your perfect egg!

1. Soft

This level of cooking will result in a liquid yolk and slightly runny white.

• Perfect for those recipes where you want the egg to gently fall apart with the first forkful. Imagine that ooey-gooey goodness spreading out over a risotto or a salad!

2. Medium soft

Perfect for those who prefer a liquid yolk but a firm white.

• Since the egg will keep its shape, it’s great for serving over avocado toast.

3. Medium

Ideal option for those who enjoy medium-cooked eggs with a partially soft yolk.

• Perfect consistency for recipes like scotch eggs or ramen!

4. Medium hard

The result will be a firm, but not a dry yolk!

• Best choice for egg salad.

5. Hard

And finally, an option for everyone that loves very well-cooked eggs.

• Ideal for garnishing dishes including quiches, pizzas, soups, or salads.

Tips for Egg Boiler mode:

• You can cook between two and six eggs directly in the mixing bowl.
• After putting the eggs in the mixing bowl, fill the mixing bowl with water up to the 1 litre mark.
• Use medium-sized eggs taken directly from the refrigerator.
• For perfect results, remove the cooked eggs immediately! When the eggs are done cooking, pour them into the simmering basket and hold them under cold, running water to stop any further cooking.

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Perfect eggs, every time!