The Best Recommendations For You

When someone you know recommends a book or a film, it's because they think you'll like it. The same happens with Cookidoo®. It learns your tastes, knows what you cook most, and suggests recipes based on your preferences. Explore this article and discover all about your recommendations in your "For you" section.

Where can I find recipe recommendations especially for me?
Check out the "For you" tab on the Cookidoo® page "Explore". Your personalised recipe recommendations are updated daily to inspire you and make the question "what should I cook today?" much simpler. The more you cook, the better your recommendations! If you don’t see anything there, make sure to check your consent settings as described here.

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What influences the recipe recommendations you see?

Cookidoo® recommends inspiring recipes based on what you have cooked on your Thermomix® (TM5 or TM6) in the past. We try to keep your recommendations as relevant for you as possible, so recipes that you have cooked recently have a greater influence than those that have been cooked a long time ago.

Additionally, the topics and the selection of categories you see can be different from that of your friends. Both are influenced by the Cookidoo® recipes you cooked in the past. Do you love sweets and prepare them a lot with your Thermomix®? Then you will probably see the "Dessert" category at the top of your page. Do you often cook quick and easy recipes? If so, you'll see our "Everyday" suggestions at the top of your page. These recommendations are designed to make the question "What should I cook today?" as simple as possible.


Top picks for you
Find a personal selection for you in your most-cooked recipe language from the full range of our recipes. It’s about maximum enjoyment and all about you. We exclude everyday recipes from this topic as this has its own stripe.

Everyday recipes for you
These are suggestions to "Keep it simple" and bring food to the table quickly by offering a selection of main dishes and soups that can be prepared in less than 60 minutes and require only a few ingredients.

Trending now
This is a stripe of recipes currently trending in your country. They are selected from a pool of in-demand recipes which have been cooked especially often in recent days.

Desserts for you
A special category for your sweet tooth and for anyone who needs a sweet treat to round out their meal! Here you have a selection of desserts and sweets suitable to your taste.

Discover hidden gems
In this category, we are highlighting recipes that are highly rated but often overlooked. Expect at least a four-star average rating for these creative recipes, which deserve to be enjoyed more often. Maybe you’ll find your next food adventure among them!

Veggie recipes for you
It’s all about veggies in this category. Find main dishes without meat here – all recipes in this category are vegetarian.

Fresh from the oven
Can you already smell the warm, comfy, homey feeling that’s coming directly from your oven? These recommendations are all about baking and provide tasty, sweet, savoury baking recipes.

Carb-conscious cooking
The ultimate destination for those who want to enjoy tasty and satisfying meals without the carb overload! This section features an array of delicious recipes across main dishes, pasta & rice, soups, baking, and breakfast, all with less than 25g carbs per serving, so you can indulge while being carb-conscious.

Low-fat living
Looking to adopt a low-fat lifestyle without sacrificing flavour? Low-Fat living offers recipes for main dishes, pasta & rice, soups, baking, and breakfast with less than 30% of total calories from fats.

Low-sugar savvy
Whether you're looking to manage your blood sugar levels or simply enjoy healthier meals, this section is for you! From flavorful main dishes to tasty pasta & rice dishes, as well as indulgent baking and breakfast options, all of our recipes contain less than 3g of sugar per serving, and less than 20% of carbs come from sugar.

Smart salads & snacks
Here you will find healthy snacks, finger food, starters, salads, and drinks that are just a recipe away. Perfect for adding something fresh to your meal, or letting shine as a main attraction.

Plant-based cooking
This is where delicious recipes crafted entirely from plant-based ingredients are served up in abundance! From flavorful main dishes to comforting pasta/rice dishes and nourishing soups, we have everything you need to satisfy your plant-based cravings.

We aim to give you the best recommendations according to your taste and are continuously working on improving our suggestions. This also means we are adding new themes to the pool you see above. So stay tuned for what will come next!