Thermomix® with MEATER®

Beef, salmon, chicken, pork... whatever you're in the mood for, Thermomix® with MEATER® will ensure it's perfectly cooked, every time!

Cooking made effortless

MEATER® is the world's first wireless smart meat thermometer, designed to help you monitor cooking via your smartphone. Whether you're using a frying pan, oven or BBQ, use MEATER® to measure your food's internal temperature and take the guesswork out of cooking.

• Use the MEATER® app to monitor the cooking of meat and fish

• Track your cooking up to 10 m away with wireless connectivity

• Ensure you're cooking at the right temperature with the ambient temperature sensor

• No more overcooking - MEATER® will estimate resting temperature and tell you when to remove your meat or fish before it overcooks

For the ultimate cooking experience, we've created ten mouthwatering recipes that combine the power and versatility of Thermomix® with the precision of MEATER®, resulting in perfectly-cooked meat and fish, every time. These recipes are presented in a beautiful, full-colour booklet exclusively available as part of a bundle with MEATER®.

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Steak - just the way you like it!

Charred and flavourful on the outside, pink and juicy on the inside; perfectly-cooked steak is delicious.

Ordering steak in a restaurant can be expensive, and there's no guarantee your fillet or rib-eye will come out the way you like it. Without the equipment of a professional kitchen, it can also be challenging for the average home cook to achieve consistent results. Thanks to Thermomix® with MEATER®, you can now experience a restaurant-style steakhouse meal in your own home. Watch our video below to discover how effortless perfectly-cooked steak can be.

Steak cooked your way

Dinner party centrepieces

Explore a new way of cooking

Whether you're in the mood for tender, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, delicate salmon fillet, or a showstopping beef Wellington, the recipes in our exclusive booklet will give you consistent results.

Simply choose your preferred degree of cooking, then put Thermomix® with MEATER® in control of your meal. This special bundle contains 1 x wireless MEATER® probe, 1 x AAA battery and 1 x recipe booklet containing ten recipes, designed to showcase the possibilities of Thermomix® with MEATER®.

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Discover Thermomix® with MEATER®