Made by me - with love and Thermomix®

Discover the latest Thermomix® cookbook for cosy kitchen creations! Enjoy crafting amazing recipes for gifting or stocking your pantry, and find inspiration for creative gift-wrapping too!

Crafting joy with Thermomix®: 80 recipes and gift ideas!

Explore the newest cookbook, Made by me – with love and Thermomix®, featuring 80 recipes and crafting projects with step-by-step instructions and templates.

This book will guide you through the joy of making amazing gifts and homemade basics with your own hands. From original gift-wrapping ideas to fun stamp effects, labels, calligraphy, and easy recycling suggestions, this book delivers the full package, ready to use: cook it, wrap it and gift it —all in one!

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Basic things foodies will love

5 rules for perfect preserves

1. Use high-quality, fresh food without additives

2. Prepare your jars correctly by cleaning and sterilizing them

3. Make sure both the jars and preserves are hot while filling, then close them immediately

4. Label the jars with a sealing date

5. Store in a dark place with a constant temperature

Save the season in a jar

Perfect bakes for the next dinner party

Did you know that you can make fun stamps from almost anything?

Potatoes, wine bottle cork, pencil rubber… Then you just have to stamp your labels, gift cards or decorate your wrapping paper.

Sweet gifts from the Thermomix® "Shop"

Upcycled label & packaging ideas

You don’t have to buy specific paper to make great labels and crafty packaging. Look around, and you’ll find good material at home:

• Biscuit packaging • Toilet roll tubes • Packaging and filling material from online shop orders • Paper bags from deliveries • Old magazines, book pages or newspapers • Wrapping paper from last Christmas • Blocks of scrapbook paper

Chocolate treats as the ultimate gift

Ideas for dads, uncles and grandpas

Made by me – with love and Thermomix®

Find 80 recipes and many crafting projects with step-by-step instructions and templates in the new cookbook today

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