Introducing the blade cover

For decades, Thermomix® has made food preparation stress-free for customers around the world. With the blade cover, we make it even easier to not only cook the food you want to eat, but also experiment with exciting new techniques!

Ideal for Slow Cook and Sous-vide modes

Thermomix® Slow Cook and Sous-vide modes introduce longer cooking times. The blade cover is used to protect softer ingredients, or sous-vide bags, from coming into contact with the moving blades of the mixing knife. This clever accessory covers the blades without preventing stirring, resulting in even heat and gentle cooking.
Use the blade cover with the Slow Cook and Sous-vide modes to make the most of the precise temperatures of Thermomix®. Whether you’re slow cooking a stew or preparing a gourmet sous-vide dish, Thermomix® makes it effortless.

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The blade cover

Perfect steak every time thanks to the blade cover

Use Thermomix® Sous-vide mode to cook your steak exactly how you like it. With the blade cover in place, Thermomix® can be used as a sous-vide cooker, and steak is cooked at the precise temperature and time for your preferred doneness. Cooked to perfection, every time! To find out more about the possibilities of the Sous-vide mode and how it can enhance your cooking, read our article.

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What else can I use the blade cover for?

Use it whenever gentle stirring is needed for softer ingredients e.g. chicken breast, fish, meatballs or beans. The blade cover is also great for cooking smaller or individual portions of food, with less liquid than when using the simmering basket or Varoma. For example:

Try these:

• Poached salmon: Insert the blade cover and place 2 x 120 g salmon fillets on top of the blade cover. Add 1 sliced onion and 1 bay leaf. Season with salt and pepper. Pour over water until the salmon is just covered then cook for 15 min/100°C/. Serve the poached salmon hot or cold.

• Shaped and formed recipes such as quenelles, patties and meatballs can easily be poached above the blade cover, in liquid or stock. Pre-cooked pulses and legumes can be cooked without breaking up the beans, e.g. in a curry sauce or chilli tomato sauce.

Get more creative with Thermomix®.

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Discover more ways to cook with the blade cover

Bring out the full flavour with slow cooking

Use the blade cover in Slow Cook mode to bring out the full flavours and richness in your cooking. Gently simmer meatballs in tomato sauce until you are ready to eat. Find our recipe for Slow-Cooked Meatballs in Tomato Sauce.

Slow-cooked Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Good to know

  1. Use the blade cover with Sous-vide and Slow Cook modes, or use at /speed 1.
  2. When inserting the blade cover, press it down gently onto the mixing knife so that it stays firmly in place. This prevents it from floating up when the mixing bowl only contains liquids.
  3. Evenly distribute the ingredients over the blade cover for a uniform heat distribution.