Tips for Sensor Success in Your Air Fryer

Ditch the guilt, not the taste!

Air fryers have become a trending game-changer, offering crispy, delicious food with less oil and fat. But what if you could elevate your air-frying experience even further? Enter Thermomix® Sensor, a powerful tool that adds a layer of precision and ease to your cooking.

Here's how this dynamic duo takes air frying to the next level:

Faster Feasts: Air fryers cook food lightning-fast thanks to circulating hot air. Thermomix® Sensor takes the guesswork out of timing, since you receive real-time updates on your smartphone and Thermomix® TM6 for stress-free monitoring. So no more overcooked dryness or undercooked disappointment.

Nutrient Champions: Air frying preserves precious nutrients in your food. Thermomix® Sensor ensures you cook at the ideal temperature to lock-in vitamins and minerals, leaving you with healthy and flavourful dishes.

Crispy Perfection, Minimal Oil: Who doesn't love that satisfying crunch? Air fryers achieve this without drowning your food in oil. A light brush of oil or a spray in the basket can further enhance the crispiness, leaving you with guilt-free indulgence.

Pro-tips for air frying mastery

Flip it to Win it: For larger cuts of meat or fish, a mid-cook flip ensures even cooking and prevents the top from overcooking.

Size Matters: Before you start, make sure everything fits comfortably inside your air fryer basket, including your Thermomix® Sensor and your food.

Skip the Paper for Baking: Traditional baking paper can interfere with the Thermomix® Sensor communicating with your Thermomix®. Opt for a light oil spray instead.

Oil Up for Extra Crisp: For meats and fish, a quick brush with oil or a light spray on the basket before cooking can take your crisp factor to the next level.

Ready to get started? Enjoy the perfect balance of flavour, health, and convenience with Thermomix® Sensor and your trusty air fryer. Happy air frying!

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